Now that you have created some artilcles for your website, a commonly asked question is "How do I get to my articles on the website?".

This is where the menu system comes into play. They Joomla fundamentally works is:

1. You create an article and it goes into the database
2. You need something to click on to get to the article
3. All articles need to be added to a menu
4. You use the menu system to apply modules.

On a new website, I have set up all the menu's for you. So you will just need to add your article to an existing menu.

Adding a new article to a menu:

  1. Go to Menus and select the menu you wish to work in
  2. Click on New in the upper left corner
  3. Enter Menu Title (alias is already generated)
  4. Click on Select next to Menu Item Type
  5. Click on Articles > Single Article (The window will autmatically close)
  6. Click Select next to Select Article
  7. Find your article
  8. Save & Close

To change the order of your menus items, drag and drop by using the 3 black icons, see image.
Menu Ordering Drag and Drop

If the drag and drop ordering isn't activated, click on the arrow icons in the image.



Adding a sub-menu item

  1. Follow the step above
  2. On the right select the Parent Item
  3. If you want your new menu item under About Us, select About Us
  4. Save & Close

Sub Menu Item



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