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Montana Partnership to End Childhood
The Montana Partnership to End Childhood Hunger (MT-PECH) coordinates all statewide efforts towards ending childhood hunger in Montana.

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Rumour Restaurant - Missoula,
Rumour is new american bistro centrally located in Missoula’s emerging mid-town neighborhood with a beautiful outdoor patio. It offers seasonally inspired dishes, locally sourced when possible, and committed to sourcing wild caught, sustainable seafood. They use a large selection of organic food products, and offer a broad, diverse menu.

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Writing Coaches of Missoula -
Writing Coaches of Missoula is a community organization that provides trained volunteer writing coaches to public high school and middle school classrooms in Missoula County, Montana.

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save the yellowstone
Save the Yellowstone Grizzly - Voices of the region dedicated to stopping the delisting and trophy hunt of the Yellowstone Grizzly.

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Great Northern Honey Co - Columbia Falls, Montana
Owned and operated by the Hooks family.

Orange Street Food Farm - Missoula, Montana

Missoula's dependable supermarket since 1951.

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Surface Resource - Chicago, Illinois

The main focus of Surface Resource is the hospitality market. We provide hotel designers, purchasing agents and ownership entities with outdoor furnishing, textile, mirror and carpet solutions for new construction hospitality projects as well as renovations of existing properties.

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Raimey Anne
Raimey Anne Weddings is a full-scale wedding and event planning company with experience, creativity and unique style.

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Sinopah Wildlife Research Associates - Missoula,
A consulting company dedicated to answering questions in wildlife management and conservation using advanced tools, while minimizing our impact on the populations we study, and the environment in general.

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Rick Bass - Author & Activist - Yaak,
Rick Bass is an American writer and environmental activist. Originally from Texas, he moved to Montana’s remote Yaak Valley and became an active environmentalist, working to protect his adopted home from the destructive encroachment of roads and logging. He serves on the board of both the Yaak Valley Forest Council and Round River Conservation Studies and continues to live with his family on a ranch in Montana, actively engaged in saving the American wilderness.

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Bitterroot Bison - Missoula,
Bitterroot Bison been raising bison since 2000.  We bring natural, grass-fed bison meat to your table. We also sell quarters, halfs, and wholes. We sell by the pound at the Clark Fork Market. We also have many other products made from bison: hats, coats, hides, jerky, mittens, pillows, purses, skulls, soap, etc.

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Doug Peacock - Emigrant, Montana
Author, Vietnam veteran, filmmaker and naturalist Doug Peacock has published widely on wilderness issues: from grizzly bears to buffalo, from the Sierra Madres of the Sonoran desert to the fjords of British Columbia, from the tigers of Siberia to the blue sheep of Nepal. Doug Peacock was a Green Beret medic and the real-life model for Edward Abbey’s George Washington Hayduke in The Monkey Wrench Gang.

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Missoula Mindful Counseling - Missoula,
Mindfulness provides a way of paying attention to our experience, which is crucial to our ability to change. Mindfulness also provides a pathway through the experience of suffering to greater heath, well-being, and a more fulfilling life. Mindfulness is central to my practice, and my approach is informed by thirty years of experience with mindfulness and meditation.

Raven Ridge Fiber Arts - Huson,
Raven Ridge Fiber Arts is a one-woman business based in Western Montana that creates high quality, hand-dyed fiber and yarns in colors inspired by Montana landscapes.

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Mandala - Planet,
Mandala is a new media platform dedicated to creating a better world.

Enter the Mandala: Gather the 144,000 is a game to build a critical mass and shift consciousness. Twelve clans. Twelve paths. Twelve approaches to making the world a better place. Which clans will get the most people and win a prize for their non-profit?

The clan with the most people when the 144,000 have been gathered will get to select a non-profit to receive a cash prize. Because this non-profit will reflect the specific approach of that clan to make the world a better place, it makes sense for the members of that clan to vote on the winner.

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The Big 'I' Group has a full-featured Joomla community site. For the past six months, Chuck has been doing a great job for us as a consultant (changing our template system, restructuring our entire video library, etc.). His professionalism and solid experience in the space is bolstered by intuition and perseverance, which really help when it comes to overcoming the inevitable obstacles (bugs!) that arise along the way. Even better, he's a total pleasure to work with.

AIM Geoanalytics - Missoula,
AIM GeoAnalytics, LLC is a geological consulting and analytical services company mainly working for and with companies related to the energy industry.


Owl Research Institute - Charlo,
For more than 25 years, the Owl Research Institute (ORI) has been dedicated to scientific research of owls — their ecology, natural history, and habitat relationships.

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