There are many different kinds of Modules. Custom modules, some that are associated with Components, menus, or some that are custom programs for Joomla.

  1. Custom module - A photo, or announcing a special event.
  2. Components - You might have a calendar of events component and associated with it is a module for Upcoming Events
  3. All menus must be in a module so you can tell it where to be displayed
  4. Custom programs - Full moon, weather, login, most read, etc

Create a new module

  1. Make sure you have all your articles in a menu
  2. Go to Extensions > Module Manager
  3. Click on new to create a module, as you will see, there are many choices for creating modules. Choose Custom HTML
  4. Now it looks just like an article in the Article Manager. Add your custom content.
  5. Choose a module position in accordance with your template map
  6. Make sure the module is Published

New Module Parameters

How to controll what pages the modules are on

  1. Click on menu assignment
  2. Choose what pages you want the module on by check marking the menu items.
    In the image below, we wanted the Our Honey module only on the Our Honey page.

Module Menu Assignment




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