Keep things organized by creating a Category for your article, go to:

Content > Category Manager

  1. Fill In title (*title-alias is automatically generated)
  2. Save & Close

To create a new article or page of the website, go to:

Content > Article Manager > New

  1. Fill In title (*title-alias is automatically generated)
  2. Add content
  3. Choose Category (right hand column)
  4. Add Meta Data and Keywords for Search Engines. Click on Publishing, Meta Data and Keywords are on the right.
  5. Examples of Meta Data: About - Irestone Web Design - Missoula, Montana
  6. Example of key words: about irestone web design missoula montana mission businesses non-profits
  7. Save & Close

FAQ - I created a new article how do I look at it on the website? The way Joomla works is, you create an article and it goes into the database. In order to view it on the website you have to have a link to click on to get to the article in the database. That's were the menu system comes in. You have to put your article in a meu so you have something to click on to get to it.

FAQ - How do I add a photo to my article?

* What is the title alias?

Joomla generates code for the Url titles that looks something like this

I then install a program that makes those Url's search engine friendly. The program uses the title alias to generate the following code. It turns the above code into this.

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